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Weekly Prayer, October 25, 2021

Weekly Prayer, October 25, 2021

by Asbury Lafayette on October 25, 2021

Asbury Weekly Prayer 
Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us.

Help me, O God,
to be a gracious host to anyone
and everyone you send into my life.
Help me in my relationships with people
to create a safe place for them,
a place where they can
lay down their burdens and find rest,
a place where they can
breathe freely and deeply and simply be,
a place where they can
express themselves without fear of criticism,
where they can share
not just their faith but their doubts,
not just their joys but their sorrows,
not just their peace but their frustrations.
Create in me such confidence in your Spirit
that I would give Him room to work,
that I would let some things go unsaid
so that He might have a chance to speak,
that I would respect the work
He is doing in another person's life,
take off my shoes and step lightly...
for it is holy ground.
 May it be so.

(Ken Gire)

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