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Weekly Prayer October 18, 2021

Weekly Prayer October 18, 2021

by Asbury Lafayette on October 18, 2021

O God,
equip me for today.
Give me the humility which will keep me
from pride and conceit.
Give me the graciousness and gentleness
which will make me both
easy to live with and a joy to meet.
Give me the diligence, perseverance and reliability
which will make me always give of my best.
Give me the kindness which will give me
a quick eye to see what I can do for others
and a ready hand to do it.
Give me a constant awareness
of Your presence
which will make me do everything
as unto You.
Grant that today people may see in me
a glimpse of my Blessed Lord.
This I ask for Your love’s sake.
 May it be so.

(William Barclay)

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