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Weekly Prayer October 11, 2021

Weekly Prayer October 11, 2021

by Asbury Lafayette on October 11, 2021

Today, Lord,
a new day laid open,
and here I am waiting to step into it.
But there is a feeling of uncertainty,
even fear, of what it holds,
of what it will demand of me.
Have I the resources, Lord,
to meet this day?
Can I enter it with joy and peace?
My child,
this is the day I have made for you.
Accept it gladly.
Dance into it.
Carry with you
the joy of resurrection,
the peace of self-giving,
the love that forgives and gives.
Delight yourself in this day
as a child delights in all that is new.
Revel in it, absorb it,
for this is today, a new beginning.
This is the day I have made
for you.

 May it be so.

(Myrtle Hall - modified)

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