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Weekly Prayer November 23

Weekly Prayer November 23

by Asbury Lafayette on November 23, 2020

O Lord,
For forests tall and oceans deep,
for canyons wide and mountains steep,
for sunset skies of pink and gold,
for every sunrise we behold;
for winter's snow and springtime's thaw,
for summer's warmth and autumn's awe,
for roofs that keep the rain away,
for walls that hold it all at bay:
we have none to thank,
O Lord, but Thee.
For work that puts food on the table,
for health and rest to keep us able,
for friends and family all around us,
for years to come, may they surround us;
for soldiers fighting for our peace,
for days to come when wars may cease,
for hope, so burdens won't enslave us,
for Thy forgiveness which will save us:
we have none to thank,
O Lord, but Thee.
For feast, and those with whom we share it,
for loving hands that did prepare it,
for all that makes this life worth living,
we take this time on this Thanksgiving
to bow our heads and bend a knee
and pause to look around and see.
For all that was, is, and shall be
we have none to thank,
O Lord, but Thee.

(Submitted by About.com member, Eddie Mallonen)

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