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Weekly Prayer November 16

Weekly Prayer November 16

by Asbury Lafayette on November 16, 2020

God of all seasons,
we bring to you the many seasons of our lives.
Some of us are in a season of spring,
emerging from a colder, more difficult time.
Help us to see what needs planting in our lives,
and what needs to be weeded out.

Some of us are in a season of autumn.
We are reaping what we sowed in spring,
seeing what you have accomplished in our lives.
Lead us to radical generosity
from hearts overflowing with gratitude.

Some of us find ourselves in winter.
Everything is difficult.
Life seems dark and joy seems illusive.
We cry out from the darkness:
Help me O God! Where is the light?
We cling to the hope that you are yet with us.

Some of us find ourselves in summer.
We delight in all you have given us
in this beautiful time filled with warmth,
rest and joy - a foretaste of heaven.
We sit silent in your sweet presence
and ask for the grace to stay close to you.

We lift to you our thanks and praise
that in whatever season we find ourselves,
your steadfast, loving presence
is always with us.

(Rev. Susan Ferguson)

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