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Weekly Prayer August 30, 2021

Weekly Prayer August 30, 2021

Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us.

by Asbury Lafayette on August 30, 2021

Loving and Gracious God,
we thank you that through every storm
your presence is our peace.
In the face of this devastating hurricane,
we pray for everyone facing its effects.
We pray for safety and shelter for all who seek it
and for everyone traveling and far from home.
We pray for those who offer assistance and care,
for those who stand in danger's path to bring help,
for the kindness of both friend and stranger.
Loving and Gracious God,
in the ongoing storm that is COVID-19,
we pray also for the heroes who continue to labor
to provide medical care in this ongoing pandemic.
We pray for all who suffer any illness,
for all who are lost, lonely, or afraid.
Open our eyes to how we might love
by caring for our neighbors,
by protecting the vulnerable among us,
by acting in compassion and loving-kindness.
May it be so.

(Rev. John Cannon)

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