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Weekly Prayer August 16, 2021

Weekly Prayer August 16, 2021

Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us.

by Asbury Lafayette on August 16, 2021

Heavenly Father,
we find ourselves at the end of summer leisure
and a return to schedules, responsibilities,
and achievements.
Truthfully, many of us do not feel
equal to the tasks ahead.
We are weary from trying to balance
our bright hopes and our deep concerns,
anxious as we seek the right path forward.
In these moments, restore to us
your peace that passes understanding.
May we find rest for our seeking souls.
Give us the gift of an unshakeable faith in
your loving intent for each of our lives.
Inspire us, equip us, energize us
to contribute to the good in the world.
May we live generously,
knowing that one person truly can
make a beautiful difference in the world.
May it be so.

(Jan Cooke)

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