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Prayer of Action

Prayer of Action

by on August 31, 2020

Merciful God,

We cry...
We cry over broken bodies and broken hearts.
We cry over lost lives and lost humanity.

We confess...
We confess that we have turned away from the pain.
We confess that we are full of fear.

We pray...
We pray, trusting in your power to redeem and renew.
We pray, putting all of our hope in your vision for the world.

We act...
We act, moving our feet, lifting our voices, and sharing our resources.
We act, using the gifts you have entrusted us with.

We remember....
We remember, that Jesus overturned the status quo.
We remember, that the work of community is ours to do.

We are called...
We are called, to learn and live your love.
We are called, to channel your life-giving Spirit,
to breath on a gasping world.

Merciful God,
We love you.

( Rev. Allison Sikes )

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