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Prayer for Healthcare Workers

Prayer for Healthcare Workers

by on September 14, 2020

Prayer for Healthcare Workers
In the midst of weariness, stress and difficulty,
we offer you this blessing.

At the start of the day, may your mind be clear
as you prepare for all that lies ahead.
No matter what you face today,
know that you are enough.
May your heart be filled with compassion
for all those you meet.
Whether the day is filled with joy or sorrow,
delight or pain, never forget
that what you offer to the world is a blessing.

Know that your presence is a gift.
May your hands bring healing
and relief from injury, illness, fear and pain.
Even in the face of frustration and hurt,
may you have courage to show kindness.
May your body be sustained and filled with strength
as you care for others.
May your spirit be filled with grace
in the midst of tragedy.
May care and thoughtfulness overflow
into every encounter before you.

May you find rest and refreshment
at the end of the day.
May you be filled with peace,
as you consider all that is done and left undone.
While your work is vitally important,
it is not all that you are.
You are beloved.

(Your Friends at Asbury United Methodist Church)

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