Reopening Information 

June 29, 2020

Asbury Worship In July: Returning to our Normal Worship Schedule! 

Sanctuary Worship at Asbury will return to its normal times beginning Sunday, July 5! Our 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 services will still be a bit shorter in duration, but we are now able to resume our regular time schedule. In order to care for one another, seating will be marked to help us maintain safe distances, volunteers will clean the Sanctuary between each service, and we will still observe the use of face coverings. The overwhelming consensus from experts is that these proven safety measures offer added protection to our congregation and will help our community address the current rise in infection rate. We trust each person to make a safe and informed decision about being present in person and encourage you to be aware of the most current CDC guidelines concerning who is at higher risk of complications. Of course, any person experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or any person possibly exposed to someone with the virus needs to remain at home. 

And we're thrilled to announce that Spiritwind Worship will resume on July 12 at its normal 11:00 time. The Spiritwind Worship Center is being prepared now to help us maintain safe distancing, and as in the Sanctuary, we will observe safety measures in order to care for one another. 

For those unable to attend or not yet ready to return, we are still offering Worship Online, and we are continuing to develop new ministries and ways of connecting, including live streaming Sunday Worship! Visit our Announcements page for the latest updates, and subscribe to receive our emails( there is a section on this page to do so). You may also call our office at 337-984-4211 for more information. 

Other Ministries

Through July, we are assessing when and how to return to Sunday school and other small-group ministries on the campus. Following safe-opening recommendations from our health departments, we are making our larger indoor spaces and outdoor areas available for in-person adult and youth gatherings, and we are exploring when and how to resume nursery care and children’s activities on Sunday mornings. At the same time, we’re aware that several current COVID-19 “hot spots” around the nation are connected to churches and similar group gatherings so we are taking a measured approach for the well-being of our congregation and community.

A Word from Our Senior Pastor

This unusual season of ministry has been one of the most difficult I have ever experienced. Like you, I have felt a real spiritual void because of the absence of our worship together and all of the typical ministries that connect us with one another. I’m eager to get back to normal as soon as possible, but I am even more eager to care for the well-being of our congregation in this uncertain circumstance.

Our guiding purpose is always to grow, live, and share with all the love of Jesus Christ, and during this season, we are having to adjust our normal and preferred routines to accomplish that purpose. I feel incredibly blessed by the extraordinarily gifted Asbury staff and the wonderfully patient and encouraging Asbury congregation! Your positive comments, helpful suggestions, and faithful prayers have been truly amazing. God’s grace is alive through you! Asbury is a strong community of faith, and together, we will continue growing in the Spirit of Jesus Christ during this time and into the future. Thank you!

While we still have to take precautions, I hope these next steps toward more normal ministry will be a great blessing to you. We’re not out of the woods with this virus, and members of our congregation continue to suffer its effects. As we are experiencing a rise of infections in our community, I pray that you will continue to stay safe, help other people, and extend the love of Jesus Christ through your words and actions!

Grace and Peace, 

Rev. John Cannon

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John Cannon

Senior Pastor

Office: 337-456-6107
Twitter: @cannon2112
Instagram: @cannon2112

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Allison Sauls Sikes

Associate Pastor of Spiritwind & Youngsville Ministries

Office: 337-456-2103
Facebook: Allison.N.Sauls
Instagram: @saulssikes

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Susan M. Ferguson

Associate Pastor

Office: 337-456-6104
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Leah Gaughan

Associate Pastor of Connection

Office: 337-456-6100
Facebook: leahstevensgaughan
Instagram: @leahgaughan