Kids' Choir

Kids' Choir

Kids' choir is a Ministry that focuses on the development of children's voices while inspiring a life-long love of music and worship. 

Our lessons combine the teaching of music skills, group singing, and active learning through games, dance, and instruments. Kids’ Choir is open to all children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. We meet throughout the school year on Sundays from 3:00 - 4:00 pm in the Children’s Ministry Building.

We offer two sections:

Younger = Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Older = 3rd - 6th grade

Kids' Choir members sing in worship during various times of the year, in both the sanctuary and in Spiritwind worship. Our Kids' Choir is led by Andrea Mouton. 

Andrea Mouton has been Asbury’s Kids’ Choir coordinator and director since 2013. She is a cum laude music graduate from ULL and LSU. Ms. Mouton has performed numerous opera and musical theater roles all over Louisiana and solos often with the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra. Currently, she teaches music full-time at the Academy of the Sacred Heart and is the cantor and section leader at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church. With an extensive soprano range, Andrea Mouton sings professionally throughout the Acadiana area. 

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Dr. Lee Cooke

Director of Worship & Music Ministries

Office: 337-456-6110

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Jan Lowery Cooke

Director of Adult Ministries, Church Pianist

Office: 337-984-4211

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Greig Ashurst

Youth Ensemble Director, Handbell Ensemble Director


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Andrea N. Mouton

Kids' Choir Director


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Cori Webre

Music Ministry Associate


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Kyle Deroche

Director of Youth Ministries, Spiritwind Worship Leader

Office: 337-456-6098
Facebook: AYMLaf
Instagram: @AYMLafayette

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Paul Baker



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Brennan Frederick

Turning Point Youth Praise Band Director