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We believe that what we do within each ministry should flow purposefully out of what we value and love. Whether you have a family of 5 or are single and love to ride your mountain bike, you'll find a place to help you experience God.



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Our Children's Ministry is dedicated to growing, living, and sharing with all the love of Christ.  Asbury's Children's Ministries offer children ages 0-6th grade a varied selection of Christ-centered activities, fellowship, interactive programming, and of course, Bible studies! 

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The Asbury Youth Group is made up of youth between 7th and 12th grade. We gather regularly to have fun in fellowship, study, and worship as we explore what it means to follow Jesus every day of our lives.

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Asbury's Adult Ministries offer a wide variety of small group opportunities which help you connect with others, learn and grow as a disciple of Christ, and make a difference in the world through acts of service. We welcome you to experience the transforming love of Jesus Christ by participating in group life here at Asbury. 

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Asbury Day School

Asbury Day School is a play-based and child-centered program. We have developmentally appropriate hands-on activities that nurture social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth while meeting each child's individual needs. Our goal is to offer a varied and enriched environment where children can flourish through discovery and self-expression with supportive guidance in a Christian atmosphere. 

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Youngsville Ministries


In the spirit of Asbury's larger purpose of growing, living, and sharing with all the love of Christ, we are expanding Asbury's presence into the growing community of Youngsville, Louisiana. We have created a new worship experience entitled "the Gathering Table." The Gathering Table is a once-monthly Sunday evening Asbury worship service in Youngsville, Louisiana. Around a meal, we will have conversations that matter and discover how God is at work in every aspect of our lives. 

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Music Ministries

Asbury's Music Ministry exists to lead God's people in praise. We believe God calls us to proclaim the message of God's redeeming love through music. If you enjoy music, we'd love to have you join us! People remember what they sing so we are careful to immerse ourselves both musically and spiritually in the great Wesleyan theological tradition. The congregation is Asbury’s biggest choir so you’re part of the Music Ministry even if you’re not in an ensemble! If you would enjoy being in an organized ensemble, there's a place for you if you’re four-years old and older. We'd love to have you be a part of our ministry!

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Profile image of John Cannon

John Cannon

Senior Pastor

Office: 337-456-6107
Twitter: @cannon2112
Instagram: @cannon2112

Profile image of Allison Sauls Sikes

Allison Sauls Sikes

Associate Pastor of Spiritwind & Youngsville Ministries

Office: 337-456-2103
Facebook: Allison.N.Sauls
Instagram: @saulssikes

Profile image of Leah Gaughan

Leah Gaughan

Associate Pastor of Connection

Office: 337-456-6100
Facebook: leahstevensgaughan
Instagram: @leahgaughan

Profile image of Susan M. Ferguson

Susan M. Ferguson

Associate Pastor

Office: 337-456-6104
Facebook: Susan.m.Ferguson.9