Pledge for 2021

To each is given

the manifestation of the Spirit

for the common good. 

1 Corinthians 12:7

These words from the Apostle Paul remind us that the ministry of the church depends on all followers of Jesus using our gifts to grow, live, and share with all God’s love and grace. Every person is important. Every person belongs! We are each given gifts to offer for the work of Christ through our church. Whether it’s the gift of our skill and time, our energy and passion, or our abilities and resources, God has equipped us for ministry together.

When people reflect on what Asbury means to them, they point to the spirit of welcome and belonging, the meaningful friendships, and incredible ministries that have enriched their lives. This is all possible because we share our gifts to help one another experience the love of Jesus Christ.

Asbury Is...

Sharing our spiritual gifts extends to our financial offerings as well. As we do each fall, members and friends of Asbury are encouraged to consider their financial pledges for the next year so that we can continue our work growing, living and sharing the love of Christ. Making a pledge is a matter of your prayerful consideration, and it helps our Finance Committee plan responsibly for the coming year. Every gift contributes to God’s work through the church.

Visit our FAQ page for additional information about making your pledge. And when you are ready to offer your estimate of giving for 2021, you can do so online or return a paper pledge card. Pledge cards are mailed to all church members and are also available through the church office. 

Online Pledge Card

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John Cannon

Senior Pastor

Office: 337-456-6107
Twitter: @cannon2112
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Allison Sauls Sikes

Associate Pastor of Spiritwind & Youngsville Ministries

Office: 337-456-2103
Facebook: Allison.N.Sauls
Instagram: @saulssikes

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Leah Gaughan

Associate Pastor of Connection

Office: 337-456-6100
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Instagram: @leahgaughan

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Susan M. Ferguson

Associate Pastor

Office: 337-456-6104
Facebook: Susan.m.Ferguson.9