11:00 AM Spiritwind Worship

11:00 AM Spiritwind Worship
Sunday, August 02, 2020, 11:00AM - 12:00pm

Location: Spiritwind Worship Center, 101 Live Oak Blvd., Lafayette, LA US 70503

Coordinator: Allison Sikes,

Some have joked that the unprecedented events of 2020 mean that the apocalypse is on its way. But what if the apocalypse is actually happening now? The Greek word we read in English as "apocalypse" means to unveil or to uncover. In the last four months so much has been uncovered for us personally, interpersonally, socially, and systemically. The veil has been pulled back and we have seen what we didn't see before or more specifically, what we were previously blinded to or refused to see. The question is, now that we have seen, what do we do? Do we try and cover it all back up and attempt to return to the way things were, the way we were or do we accept this unexpected invitation to see, learn and listen; this opportunity to get honest and grow? Starting on Sunday, July 12, Rev. Sikes will lead us through a worship series focusing on this question. Throughout the series she will have several special guests tell their stories of unveiling and prompt all of us to consider what we have seen and how we will respond.

The series will happen live and in-person in the Spiritwind Worship center  on Sundays at 11am and a recorded version of the series will be available on our online worship page. Each week during the series Rev. Sikes will also host a follow up conversation on Zoom on Tuesday evenings at 6pm for anyone who would like to explore the topics further and consider together what comes next. 

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