Asbury Is.....

We asked what you love about Asbury, and here are some of the responses we have received:

“To me Asbury means home away from home. The Asbury youth group showed me what it truly meant to live your life for Christ. At Asbury you are constantly surrounded by people who share your passion for Christ and help motivate you to grow closer to him.” -Ashtyn Phillippi

“Asbury means sharing time together in Faithful Friends Class. It means singing God's praise in Asbury Choir. It means sharing comfort and love through Handmade Grace. Most importantly, Asbury means family.” Linda Stephenson

“Asbury has been at the center of our family life since October, 1973, when we moved to Lafayette. Our church has contributed to our spiritual growth, offered opportunities for service, and provided our closest friendships. John and I are eternally grateful for the positive influence growing up as active “Asbury kids” had on our children. We have so many pleasant memories. I loved teaching children’s Sunday School classes. John and I worked together as Junior High MYF counselors… Asbury will always have a very special place in our hearts.” – Jan Love

“Asbury is:
Listening to the heart of its people
Looking beyond its door and windows
Offering forgiveness and compassion
Open hearts, open minds, open doors
An Oasis of light
The Vine that connects us all
The Voice of God
Eloquent and simple
The elderly and the little
Engaging and fun

Asbury UMC is Love.” – Sherry Curry

“Asbury means family. As an international university student fresh from Nigeria, the church posed as a parent to me. I'll never forget the blessings I've received from this community. Thank you, Asbury, for existing.” – Anonymous

We’re asking people to reflect on what Asbury means to them. What ministry had made a difference to you or someone you know? What experience as Asbury has changed your life? How has Asbury helped you connect with God and other people?

Who We Are

Everyone is welcome at Asbury. Yes, everyone! Asbury is a wonderfully diverse community of people from all kinds of places and backgrounds. We offer ministries and activities for people of all ages, and we invite you to visit at any time.